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Commercial & Athletic Field Turf Care

Your Go-To Expert in Commercial & Athletic Turf Care

Mission Turf knows that the first and most noticeable sign of a well-managed property is its beautifully maintained turf. Specializing in precision and expertise, Mission Turf goes beyond surface-level aesthetics, recognizing that top-notch turf care is essential not only for enhancing property values but also for attracting and retaining high-quality spectators and customers.

With a focus on innovative techniques and customized bulk fertilizer applications, Mission Turf guarantees that the turf on commercial properties, including athletic fields at schools and businesses, reflects a commitment to excellence. Our strategic approach to turf health not only elevates the visual appeal of the landscape but also contributes to its overall vibrancy and sustainability.

For those seeking a premium standard in turf care and property management, Mission Turf stands as the trusted partner, ensuring that your turf looks not only great but also remains healthy and resilient.

Mission Turf Specialization

We work with the following property types:

College & University Athletic Fields & Complexes

Maintenance contracts, monthly pest control applications or snow & ice removal services.

High School
Athletic Fields & Complexes

Maintenance contracts, monthly pest control applications or snow & ice removal services.

Municipal Parks & Greenbelts

Maintenance contracts, monthly pest control applications or snow & ice removal services.

Commercial Businesses

Maintenance contracts, monthly pest control applications or snow & ice removal services.

Private Clubs

Maintenance contracts, monthly pest control applications or snow & ice removal services.

Golf Courses

Maintenance contracts, monthly pest control applications or snow & ice removal services.

Retail Centers

Maintenance contracts, monthly pest control applications or snow & ice removal services.

Office Parks

Maintenance contracts, monthly pest control applications or snow & ice removal services.

We Make Your Turf Look Beautiful and Play Safe

At Mission Turf We've mastered the art of turning ordinary turf into a lush, vibrant masterpiece

With our decades of experience, we've been dedicated to the craft of creating beautiful and healthy commercial turf across New England. Our secret lies in customized turf treatment packages that go beyond the basics, incorporating seasonal fertilization, precision insect control, and the application of environmentally-friendly products.

With a team of expert turf care professionals offering complimentary courtesy visits, we've earned our reputation as the preferred choice for management and enterprise companies. Mission Turf isn't just about making turf look beautiful; it's about transforming landscapes, enhancing property values, and creating a visually stunning, resilient foundation for everyone who interacts with the turf. Discover the difference Mission Turf makes in elevating the aesthetic appeal of commercial landscapes.
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Fertilizer Applications (Dry And Liquid)

Fertilizers are vital for keeping turf healthy, especially in places like athletic fields at schools and parks. They come in dry or liquid form and play a big role in making the grass green, strong, and safe for playing. Athletic fields at colleges and high schools get a lot of use, so fertilizers are crucial for giving the soil the right nutrients. Dry fertilizers spread on the field release nutrients slowly, providing a steady supply to the grass. Liquid fertilizers work faster, great for quick recovery during busy playing seasons. Using bulk fertilizer allows customizing nutrient mixes, which is super helpful for taking care of each sports field's unique needs.

Cities use fertilizers in parks to keep them looking good and safe for everyone. Regular fertilizing helps control weeds, fights diseases, and makes the turf thick and even. Whether dry or liquid, fertilizers make it easier for cities to take care of large areas, making public spaces beautiful and cost-effective. At Mission Turf, we handle fertilizer applications with expertise, ensuring that our customized programs contribute to the durability, attractiveness, and safety of outdoor spaces.

Insect Control Applications

When it comes to keeping bugs away and making sure your grass stays healthy, gorgeous,and playable our insect control applications are the secret sauce. Designed with care and using eco-friendly solutions, we strike the perfect balance between getting rid of pesky bugs and being kind to our environment. Whether it's a school's sports field or a big business lawn, Mission Turf knows how to keep your turf looking awesome. Our insect control isn't just about appearances – it's about creating a strong, green home for your grass. Dive into the world of integrated pest management (I.M.P) with Mission Turf, where we use the latest tricks to keep your turf thriving and beautiful!

Grub Management

Grubs wreak havoc on turf, causing millions of dollars in damage annually across the U.S. Acelepryn, a highly effective insecticide, offers a solution with low toxicity and minimal environmental impact when combatting grubs and other lawn insects. Applied at remarkably low rates, Acelepryn doesn't necessitate protective gear for the applicator, and treated areas can be accessed immediately after application. Notably, Acelepryn is bird, bee, and fish-friendly at label rates.

For those contending with serious grub outbreaks, we have several effective products available to choose from.

Weed Control Applications

In managing weed issues, we offer both pre-emergent and post-emergent products to prevent or eliminate unwanted growth. Our approach involves a careful evaluation to determine what product is the best fit for controlling specific weeds on your property. Prioritizing eco-friendly options, we opt for the least toxic traditional chemical products and, in some cases, employ spot spraying rather than a blanket application across your entire grounds, unless absolutely necessary.

Crabgrass Management

If you're seeking more robust control of crabgrass, you may consider opting for a traditional product l application. Traditional methods often boast a higher rate of control, providing a more targeted approach to tackle crabgrass-related challenges. By incorporating the right blend of organic solutions and traditional approaches, we tailor our turf care strategies to offer you a comprehensive and effective solution for managing crabgrass, ensuring the health and resilience of your turf.

Disease Control Applications

Effective disease control is paramount in maintaining the health and lush appearance of turf. Turf diseases, caused by various pathogens like fungi and bacteria, can quickly spread and compromise the integrity of the grass. In a comprehensive turf care program, disease control involves a strategic combination of preventive measures and targeted treatments. Cultural practices such as proper mowing, aeration, and irrigation play a crucial role in reducing conditions conducive to disease development. Additionally, the application of fungicides and other disease control products becomes essential to manage existing infections and prevent the recurrence of diseases.

At Mission Turf, we prioritize a proactive approach to disease control, incorporating a range of solutions tailored to the specific needs of the turf. Our team of experts evaluates the unique conditions of each property, identifying potential risk factors and implementing a targeted disease control plan. Through careful monitoring, timely interventions, and the use of advanced disease-resistant turf varieties, we aim to create resilient and disease-free landscapes that stand up to the challenges of changing seasons and environmental conditions.

Lime Applications

Lime application is a fundamental aspect of proactive soil management, contributing significantly to the optimization of your turf’s overall health and vitality. By balancing soil chemistry, lime ensures that the nutrients applied to your lawn are readily accessible to the grass, promoting robust growth and a lush green appearance. The necessity for lime is precisely determined through thorough soil testing, allowing us to tailor our approach to the specific needs of your turf.

Incorporating lime into your turf care program addresses soil acidity concerns, fostering an environment conducive to nutrient absorption. This process enhances the efficiency of fertilization efforts, maximizing the benefits of applied nutrients for sustained turf health. Beyond its immediate impact on nutrient availability, lime application also contributes to long-term soil structure improvement, water retention, and the overall resilience of your lawn. Trust Mission Turf to assess your soil's unique requirements, ensuring that lime application becomes an integral part of a comprehensive strategy for maintaining a thriving and resilient lawn.

Aerating Services (Deep Tine and Standard Tine)

Our comprehensive aerating services, employing both Deep Tine and Solid and Coring techniques, along with the innovative Seed-O-Vate equipment, offer a transformative solution to enhance your lawn. This all-in-one aerating and seeding approach proves effective in boosting turf density and addressing thin or bare areas, facilitating improved water, air, and nutrient circulation throughout your lawn. The process concurrently combats soil compaction and thatch buildup, two significant culprits behind various lawn issues. With up to 18" deep tine capabilities and the flexibility of using 3-4" solid or coring tines, our services are tailored to elevate your lawn's health by addressing key factors that contribute to its overall vitality.

Bulk Seeding & Overseeding Services

For previously established athletic fields that require rejuvenation, the prospect of new sod or roto-tilling might cross your mind; however, there's a cost-effective and advantageous alternative—overseeding. Instead of opting for the expense and disruption of sod, consider our Bulk Seeding & Overseeding Services tailored for commercial projects like athletic fields.

Overseeding involves strategically planting grass seed directly into the existing turf without disturbing the field or the soil. This approach proves to be an economical investment, delivering a thicker and more resilient turf compared to traditional sodding. For athletic fields, where maintaining optimal turf thickness is crucial, overseeding every season is a recommended practice. This ensures the field remains lush and healthy, eliminating the need for expensive and intrusive re-sodding. Choose our specialized Overseeding Services to enhance the overall vitality and appearance of your athletic fields, providing a cost-effective solution with minimal disruption.


Enhance the performance and aesthetics of your athletic fields and golf courses with our specialized topdressing services. Topdressing involves the precise application of materials such as sand, compost, soil amendments,or a combination, serving as a vital technique for maintaining turf quality. This process, often referred to as bulk spreading, is a game-changer in the care and management of high-traffic areas.

For athletic fields and golf courses, our topdressing services go beyond the fancy term, offering practical benefits. We begin by aerating the turf, creating channels for improved air circulation, water absorption, and nutrient penetration. Subsequently, we meticulously apply a layer of topdressing material, such as sand, which aids in leveling the surface, promoting a uniform playing field, and fortifying the turf against wear and tear.

Incorporating topdressing into your turf care regimen ensures a healthier, more resilient playing surface, reducing compaction and enhancing overall turf vigor. Trust our expertise in topdressing to elevate the quality and playability of your athletic fields and golf courses, delivering results that go beyond the surface.

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Soil Testing

At Mission Turf, we prioritize understanding the unique needs of your soil through comprehensive soil testing. This vital process enables us to assess various aspects, including pH levels, organic matter content, and calcium/magnesium ratios. By delving into your soil's chemistry, nutrient availability, and overall health, we can tailor our approach to address specific deficiencies.

Recognizing that unforeseen factors such as weather events can impact your lawn's appearance and well-being, Mission Turf remains committed to providing solutions. If issues arise, we are dedicated to investigating and explaining the root causes, determining corrective measures, and working towards preventing their recurrence. At Mission Turf, our goal is not just turf care but a holistic and informed approach to maintaining the health and beauty of your lawn.

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